Textron Aviation Customer Service

Customer Service

Our goal at Textron Aviation is to be there for you when and where you need us. If one of our 18 world-wide service facilities is not convenient, we'll dispatch one of our 60 Mobile Service Units to come to you. Additionally, with just 1CALL (+ 1.316.517.2090), our technical experts can provide immediate aircraft support and also assist you with any requests regarding maintenance, inspections, parts, repairs, avionics upgrades, equipment installations, paint services and much more. Textron Aviation. Count on us.


Sign your Letter of Intent with deposit by December 31, 2016 to enjoy the following program incentives:

  • $150,000 trade-in credit
  • $30,000 open account credit (no restrictions on how credit is used)
  • Reduced ProParts® rate for two years from date of install
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Save on your ADSB-Out mandate when you come to a Textron Aviation service center for maintenance.

Contact your local service center sales rep. →